Splendid Sri Lanka

Often known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka scores where tradition accepts modernism in every aspect, capturing the best of all worlds. It basks in year round glorious sunshine, and no less than seven world heritage sites. With its mix of culture, religion, art, craft, festivals and costumes, visitors cannot help but be enchanted with this holiday island.


Highlights in  Sri Lanka

  • Enjoy the blissful varied climates from sunny sands and golden beaches to cool mountains and luscious tea estates.
  • Experience the abundant wild life famously known for its large concentration of leopards and elephants
  •  with no less than 7 UNESCO world heritage sites , visiting one would be the highlight of the trip- the rock fortress of Sigiriya would for example.
  •  Whale and Dolphin watching in Sri Lanka is a must see!
  •  With some of the most beautiful sceneries that Sri Lanka has to offer  -trekking through a montane  of rain forest or white water rafting is a great  way to enjoy the adventure holidays.
  • Experience the rail tours in Sri Lanka while travelling enjoy the breath taking sceneries of the golden beach’s to the mountains  that stretches to the emerald green paddy’s and luscious tea estates.